Leve Grinding

Leveling Crafting with Leves
June 13, 2017

What are Leves | Useful Links

What are leves?

Leve quests (or just leves, for short) are quests that require you to turn in a "requested item" (or set of "requested items") to an NPC. They give a lot of EXP--double EXP if you turn in high quality (HQ) items (which require better gear to craft).

Every 5 levels, you gain access to a new set of leve quests (until you reach level 50, when you'll start unlocking new sets of leves every 2 levels).

It costs 1 leve allowance to accept a single leve quest. You get 3 leve allowances automatically every 12 hours (real time) and can save up to 100 of them. (You can see how many leve allowances you currently have by checking the bottom right corner of your "Journal" menu.)

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